WAVE Marketing Communications

WAVE Marketing and Communications

Our core offerings are live and virtual events, presentations design, exhibitions, incentives,
film and video.

We have deep understanding of different media and how to integrate these best to reinforce your messages, change behaviours and drive business performance.

Our approach to solving your business communications challenges is based on much practical experience, working internationally for blue-chip clients who come from many different sectors.

Our overheads are low and this is reflected in how we charge our clients. We believe we should be paid for our creativity, ideas and results and not for marking up things where we have added no value.

We guarantee never to go over budget and we guarantee success.

The WAVE offer:

  • Forging strong relationships between you and your
    key audiences
  • Integrated marketing communications projects
    (live, film and online)
  • Interpreting complex
    business issues and making them compelling
  • The desire to challenge and change thinking
  • Being as ambitious for you as you are for yourselves
Brands we've worked with
ING | LG | GlaxoSmithKline | HSBC | XAAR | Janssen-Cilag | Roche | Johnson & Johnson | Sony | MySpace | Boehringer Ingelheim | GSM Association | Homebase
Free Brain Power - Get some now!
Top Tips for Tough Times

In the current climate we have some fantastic tips to energise your business without spending those precious pennies!

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  1. Treasure your Sales Teams
    • We love sales people and work hard to ensure their success with high energy sales incentives that often culminate in “unforgettable experiences”. But before that starts it’s worth spending time on creating an incentive that is fair and understood by everyone – a scheme where sales people can genuinely influence their own destinies and be rewarded for going above and beyond... Our campaigns are structured to ensure that it’s not just the same 10% of the sales teams that enjoy success year in. We work with you to measure not just sales but also performance improvements. We create unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences (partner and non-partner events) that are a culmination of a whole year’s worth of hard work by your sales teams.
  2. Cost-effective Events
    • We’ve recently completed a UK roadshow where over 1,900 members of staff heard from and met with senior management on the company’s new strategy for these tough economic times. For less than £20 per head, we created a bespoke environment that allowed the audience to get their questions answered and for the company to say “we’re active in shaping our destiny, we’ve a new direction and we need buy-in and hard work from you”. The initial feedback so far has been astounding with over 87% of the audience more committed to success than before the roadshows.
  3. Power to the Partner
    • For quite a while now we’ve been championing the power of inviting the “significant other half” to corporate events. We’ve witnessed the magic of customers and their partners interacting with each other in much richer ways than a boring non-partner event. Sound like heresy? Well we’ve put together senior networking events involving partners as well which have had huge ROI.
  4. Do you really want to do your whole event from
    an hotel?
    • A lot of people automatically look for hotels with function rooms from which to stage their events. Very often hotels are best for providing a decent bed and powerful hot shower, they’re not so good at staging an experiential live event. In our time we’ve transformed a forest into a sales conference, a swimming pool into a gala awards night and a warehouse into a life-sized Disney-esque high street. So, for your next event, why not book a hotel for accommodation and think about another space to transform for the main action?
  5. Getting your audience to work for you
    • So you’ve sweated blood and tears to have 400 delegates registered at your event and you spend the next 8 hours broadcasting to them your key messages. Job done? But what about harnessing the power of those 400 brains and using them for market research, product/concept testing, creating new ideas, feedback to you or generating new revenue streams?