WAVE Presentations

WAVE Presentations

In business, if you can’t present effectively or your presentation materials look shabby, then you need help.

We have over 20 years experience of designing commercially compelling presentations and helping great presenters become Barrack Obamas and poor presenters become confident and at ease with presenting.

Our 360 degree approach not only results in
a technically brilliant and beautifully designed presentation but also considers all of the human factors that are key to getting you audiences to “vote for you”.

Our work covers not simply standard ratio screens but we also create ultra widescreen, totally immersive presentations for product launches, permanent exhibitions and
customer visitor centres.

The WAVE Offer
  • Working with you to identify your presentation objectives,
    context and content
  • Scriptwriting - content development and style
  • Developing your presentation performance skills
  • We design the key visual metaphors and the overall look and feel
  • Design with Flash, 3D and HTML for a fully interactive
    audience experience and usually integrate these within
    PowerPoint or Keynote
  • Access to secure FTP site for version reviews, updates and
    final approvals