WAVE Incentives

WAVE Incentives

We love sales people and work hard with you to ensure their success. We have tonnes of experience in creating sales force communications campaigns and sales incentives.

There is nothing off-the-shelf about what we do. Instead, we work very hard on understanding the motivation psychology about your sales professionals, what they will and won't

respond to and then go on to develop a campaign that targets their needs and drives them to exceed their business objectives.

We create unique once-in-a-lifetime experiences (partner and non-partner events) that are a culmination of a whole year’s worth of hard work by your sales teams.
Our campaigns are structured to ensure that it’s not just the same 10% of the sales teams that enjoy success year in. We work with
you to measure not just sales but also performance improvements.

The WAVE Offer
  • Research – Research the audience and business needs for the incentive programme
  • Develop Solutions – Having defined the business needs
    develop a solution and structure for a flexible programme
    which meets those needs
  • The Right Reward – Ensure the correct incentive mix,
    personal and group
  • Communicate – Design and implement a cross-media communications campaign which is regularly refreshed
  • Measure Results – Identify key criteria by which the incentive is measured. What’s the return on investment?
  • Implementation – Destination/hotel sourcing, travel and ground logistics, Gala/Awards production